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Why Us


Why Us

Today, all businesses face the challenging task of reducing product costs. The higher the product cost, the lower your profits. If you import castings, forgings, machining components, materials, or parts by yourself, the risks can be high due to a lack of knowledge of the overseas supplier, time difference, and communication issues. We help eliminate risks, language, time zone, and cultural barriers to doing business overseas and ultimately allow you to focus on your core business.

Cost Reduction….

  • In the current competitive economy, maintaining quality while reducing costs can be challenging for every business
  • Medit bridges that cost gap by offering you direct pricing through global suppliers with the required quality level
  • We continuously evaluate our sourcing partners to ensure cost reduction and maintain the highest quality product

How Medit Can Help….

We have developed standards for communication and Quality Control that assure that all parties fully understand the requirements of any job, from material specification, to process requirements, to inspection/quality standard requirements. All our global suppliers are ISO or QS/TS certified and quality system checked. This results in stress-free, trouble-free overseas purchases.

  • Medit evaluates your requirement thoroughly to help you find unique ways to reduce your product cost
  • We work with our suppliers directly to ensure every bit of detail is captured while manufacturing your product
  • Medit takes the worry out of import, and customs formalities, along with inspection and storage of your goods on arrival

Not only does this customer gets high-quality and low-priced material for manufacturing needs but also experiences our professional services throughout the procurement process from prototype to final production order. We are committed to making you competitive with low-cost products, and guarantee on-time deliveries for castings, forgings, CNC & screw machine parts, metal stamping, fine blanking, plastic injection molding, and CNC machining components.

Our normal lead time for machining parts is 2-4 weeks whereas for molding, castings, forgings, or parts with tooling our lead time is 4-8 weeks for the first sample batch.

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