Castings & Forgings


Castings can be used for making difficult shapes of the product/item that would be otherwise complicated or too expensive to make by other techniques. High volume requirement offsets tooling cost for castings.

Medit offers castings made from various types and grades of metals including aluminum and steel require by customers.

Medit offers following casting options to customers…

Centrifugal, Investment, Die, Sand, Gravity, Squeeze, Permanent Mold, Shell Mold, Lost Foam, Lost Wax


Medit International is one-stop forgings resource. We offer Hot & Cold Forgings from different steel materials like alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, Titanium alloys and Brass, Bronze, Aluminum etc. All Products are manufactured to custom requirements and specifications.

Medit also offer heat treating services, stress relieving, rough machining, complete machining to finished dimensions and any finishing process to our customers.

We provide certification for chemical and mechanical properties for forging as well as any testing (MPI, X-Ray) as determined by customer specifications.